MOTIVATED : Driven by your success!
What makes us work so hard is the idea that your small business can be amongst those that have reached the successful business plateau! If your relationship with OnTask Assistants doesn't enhance your business' growth, productivity and stability...then we have failed! Failure in not an option!

We've formulated our services to coincide with the typical needs of small businesses. However, with this in mind, customization for what you need specifically in order to succeed beyond the average is also an option.
AFFORDABLE : Cost effective Solutions!
Today, affordability is the magic word for decision making. OnTask Assistants provides the total solution for everyday business needs without the hefty price tag.

We're fully flexible in that we work with your needs and customize a plan to fit your budget. We look at what your goals are and help you administratively and creatively accomplish them without sacrificing your business' standards.

The money you save from using our services becomes our gift to you.
RELIABLE : Available when you need us!
With great emphasis on time-recovery, our operations are structured using easy to manuever virtual office platforms.
TRUSTWORTHY : Confidentiality in it's rarest form!
You can expect 100% of attention when working with us. We make it easy for you to communicate with us. A highly equipped and experience Professional Support Specialist is designated to your account and caters to your every need as your one point of contact. We eliminate any and all middle men, allowing one specialist to work with each client at all times.

You can rest assured that your requests are handled immediately and delivered accurately!
SIMPLE : Easy to use and access!
OnTask Assistants™ has put in place a strong system of security measures to ensure its clients privacy. Our team and clients are required to thoroughly agree to and sign off on our Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy Policy. Our Code of Ethics and Professionalism is a required signed document for each member of our team.

We take these matters very seriously in everything we do!
Our system allows you to communicate what you need done, with the simple click of a button. Check your appointments, upload files, print invoices...all in one place. While you focus on revenue building, we answer your phones, manage your customers, schedule your appointments, run your marketing campaign and much more!

We do the work so you don't have to. Open your inbox to find your tasks completed! Your business is our job! Now, that simple, easy and straight to the point!
OnTask Assistants™ || P.O. Box 421254 || Kissimmee, FL 34744
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