We will create & maintain your social network profiles on the top sites,
manage blogs, tweet & article updates, create & implement your company's social site, submit press releases & media kits to the top sites on the web.
Profile Setup & Maintenance (Like & Business Pages)
Includes screening, sorting, responding to, and forwarding your emails, updating your calendar with additions, changes, cancellations and confirmations to your standards.
Ning Site or Social Community Site Creation
We can create and manage your e-marketing campaigns, schedule, setup, manage & record your online meetings & webinars. We will also setup auto-responders for your online marketing campaigns.
Email Marketing Campaign Creation & Management
Our team can submit your blog entries to the top social sites, update and maintain your personal blogging site, Submit and maintain your articles and Manage an online filing system for your copy.
Literature/Copy Management & Online Storage
As proficient Event Specialist our team can set up your live Webinar, incorporate documents, email your attendees, design your presentations & lots more. You will be able to deliver a smooth, memorable & effective event.
Webinar/Online Conference/Seminar Setup & Support
>> Social Media Support
A few ways we can help you:
Our Monthly Retainer is a pre-paid plan that allows you to have on-going access to our support services on a month to month basis. It enables you to get a feel for us and develop a strong, professional relationship with us. Our retainer fees are discounted to save you 10-20% off our standard hourly rate.
This plan is ideal if you are just getting started and want to take our services on a test drive! It's perfect for short-term projects, or if you are not sure of the exact amount of time you will need and how often you will need it. Time worked on each assignment is billed at the standard hourly rate and billed down to the minute.
Support Types
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This plan works perfect for those needing a one-time task and infrequent projects completed such as article submission, blog posts, typing/editing a manuscript, or scheduled phone coverage during meetings or the holidays. Work performed under the Project-Based plan is billed depending on the entire scope of the project.
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